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Teach As You Learn is a community of aspiring and practicing physicians committed to providing mentorship, support and guidance to one another. Join the family and we'll help you become the best physician you can be.

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The Competition Is Fierce!

Less than 50% of premedical students get accepted to medical school each year.

Less than 50% of those students go on to match at their top ranked choice for residency!

Many students have no direction on how to succeed as students or how to put their best foot forward on their applications. 

They receive guidance from anonymous threads on Reddit and Student Doctor Network that is often inaccurate and anxiety provoking.

A cutthroat premedical and medical student culture prevents students from collaborating with and learning from their peers. 

Profit-seeking companies have designed resources that are too expensive for most students, creating a barrier to diversity in healthcare.

But we have a plan to fix this!

How a community of ambitious and supportive colleagues changed my life

Hi! 👋 I'm JR.


I'm an orthopaedic surgery resident at the Mayo Clinic and founder of Teach As You Learn.

I'm also a YouTuber (36k subscribers), podcast host (The Ortho Plug), and personal growth enthusiast.

I pursued much of my college career as a premed student in isolation. I did not have much guidance on how to excel in and outside of the classroom, and this resulted in relatively average grades and MCAT scores (plural because I had to take it twice).

But through the med school application process, I changed my approach and attempted to learn from the experiences of others through YouTube videos and various anonymous forums. Some of the information was helpful, some wasn't. But somehow, I was able to use what I learned, along with a bit of personal intuition, to craft an application that resulted in over 10 interview invitations, and acceptances at each school I interviewed at, including my top choice, the Mayo Clinic.

While sharing the strategies I used to succeed in YouTube videos of my own, a natural online community formed. This community of like-minded and ambitious students provided me with the support and motivation I needed to thrive. I ultimately excelled in medical school and matched to my top choice residency, The Mayo Clinic, in one of the most competitive specialties, orthopedic surgery. The community I found played a critical role in my success, and I created Teach As You Learn to provide this sense of community to all students pursuing careers in medicine.

Over the past few years, I've learned the critical components of a community that ensures success of it's members. And it starts with...

The road to becoming a doctor is long and demanding. There will be moments of pure joy, like acing an exam or receiving that coveted acceptance letter. But there will also be times of doubt, frustration, and the feeling of being completely overwhelmed.

We're a supportive community where you can:

Ask questions without judgment: No question is too big or too small. Our students are here to provide guidance and share their knowledge.

Celebrate your victories: Share your achievements, big or small, with a community that truly understands the journey and wants to celebrate with you!

Find a shoulder to lean on: Going through the pre-med and medical school gauntlet can be tough. We're here to offer encouragement and support during those challenging times.

This is a safe space to connect with others who share your passion for medicine and understand the unique challenges you face. We'll navigate this journey together.

Attend monthly events on topics ranging from preparing for the MCAT to crushing your medical school rotations!

This an incredible opportunity to learn from your colleagues in a live format and have any questions you have answered on the spot!

Check out our next event!

Secondary Essay Bootcamp

Learn from our panel of students the strategies you can use to make the process of writing all those secondary essays efficient and effective!









  • Master Your Board Exams

  • Q&A With JR

  • How The Top MCAT Scorers Use Anki

  • What I Wish I Knew: Starting Medical School

  • Design a 520+ MCAT Study Plan

  • Interview Prep: Secure Those Acceptances!

  • Primary App Q&A

  • Secondary App Bootcamp

  • Study Strategies In Med School

  • Interview Tips All Premeds Should Know

  • Gap Years And Research Years

  • Understanding Different Types Of Medical Schools

Weekly Group Study Sessions

We have weekly "Study With Me" sessions where students are able to get their work done alongside their colleagues. We mute our mics, turn our cameras on, and start tackling our to-do lists together! These have been referred to as some of the most productive study sessions members of our community have had!

Choose from one of our medical school application experts to coach you through the entire medical school application. You will have five meetings, one of which will be an introduction and general game-planning meeting, and another which will serve as a mock interview. The other 3 will focus on whatever you and your mentor would like! 

Your mentor will also provide an in-depth review of your primary application and your personal statement! This is the most sure-fire way to guarantee success on the medical school application.

Med School App Coaching


Top features

  • Paired with an expert on the medical school application.
  • 5 live meetings with your coach to answer all questions.
  • Thorough reviews of every aspect of your primary application.
  • Mock interviews
  • Money back guarantee
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Our Promise To You

Our goal is to get you into medical school and our coaches are well trained in making this happen. If for some reason you are unsuccessful in the application, we will provide you with a full refund. We know applying to medical school is expensive enough, we want this purchase to essentially be your ticket to becoming the doctor you dream to be. 

However, our mentors are well versed on applications that may not be successful. In these cases, they will recommend taking an additional year to strengthen your application. The money-back guarantee is only valid if your mentor has advised you to apply in the current cycle.

Prefer to just see examples of what worked?

See the stats, extracurriculars, and personal statements from over 20 successful medical school applicants. Our hope is that by seeing different experiences, stories, GPAs, and MCAT scores, you will find encouragement, and most importantly direction for you to successfully put together your own application.

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Want to become a leader in our community?

We are always looking for both premed and med students who want to contribute to our community! Consider joining our curriculum, public relations, MCAT and ambassador teams. It's not only an incredible opportunity to expand your network by connecting with other leaders, but it's also a great leadership experience that would stand out on either a medical school or residency application 😉.

Impact hundreds of premed and med students

Review the position descriptions above and let us know where you'd like to help! We will follow up via email with next steps. Thank you for your interest in joining our leadership team!