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We are a community of premedical and medical students committed to providing mentorship, support and guidance to one another on our paths to become physicians. We believe mentorship should be accessible to everyone.

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Live Q&A With JR!

Get all your questions about the medical school application answered by an expert! JR is has been an admissions committee member at one of the nation’s top medical schools and will share the strategies that the most successful students use to get accepted to their top choices!









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 You will gain practical advice on how to incorporate Anki into your studying workflow, what the best decks are, and how to best make use of Anki. Our MCAT team are 520+ scorers who have firsthand experience using Anki for the MCAT and extensively in medical school. They know all of the ins and outs!

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Receive 1-on-1 Coaching


Choose from one of our medical school application experts to coach you through the entire medical school application. You will have five meetings, one of which will be an introduction and general game-planning meeting, and another which will serve as a mock interview. The other 3 will focus on whatever you and your mentor would like! 

Your mentor will also provide an in-depth review of your primary application and your personal statement! This is the most sure-fire way to guarantee success on the medical school application.

Our Promise To You

Our goal is to get you into medical school and our coaches are well trained in making this happen. If for some reason you are unsuccessful in the application, we will provide you with a full refund. We know applying to medical school is expensive enough, we want this purchase to essentially be your ticket to becoming the doctor you dream to be. 

However, our mentors are well versed on applications that may not be successful. In these cases, they will recommend taking an additional year to strengthen your application. The money-back guarantee is only valid if your mentor has advised you to apply in the current cycle.

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Want to become a leader in our community?

We are always looking for both premed and med students who want to contribute to our community! Consider joining our curriculum, public relations, MCAT and ambassador teams. It's not only an incredible opportunity to expand your network by connecting with other leaders, but it's also a great leadership experience that would stand out on either a medical school or residency application 😉.

Impact hundreds of premed and med students

Review the position descriptions above and let us know where you'd like to help! We will follow up via email with next steps. Thank you for your interest in joining our leadership team!