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You will learn the evidence based strategies and patterns of thinking that the greatest learners have. Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, or just learning enthusiast, this course will transform you as a student. And all it takes is 30 days.



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Here's what you'll learn:


The Mind of Successful Students

In chapter 1, we take a look at the patterns of thinking that the best students have and how you can further develop these yourself.


The Systems of Successful Students

In chapter 2, we will discuss the evidence based systems that will keep us focused, productive, and happy.


How Successful Students Learn

In the final chapter of the course, we will talk about the study strategies and habits that are proven to work.

Meet your instructor 👨‍🏫

Hi! My name is JR Smith and I am a fourth year medical student at The Mayo Clinic. Four the last 4 years, I've been obsessed with learning and experimenting with evidence based strategies to make learning easier, faster, and even fun (yes, it's possible). This challenge takes everything I've learned, and packages it into a tangible resource for you to evolve as a student.

I wasn’t someone you’d expect could make it as a thriving medical student in the country’s top ranked hospital.

I've never been a terrible student, but I was transformed from a relatively average student to one consistently at the top of my class. I became organized enough to successfully manage my academics alongside my responsibilities as a husband and father. I became productive enough to excel in school, while growing a business and contributing in multiple organizations. And the craziest part is I never thought of myself as a naturally good test taker, then I actually became one!

My success is not because of anything unique about me. It just shows the power of evidence based learning strategies.

For the last four years, I have been committed to sharing the evidenced based strategies that have helped me grow as a student. This has come in the form of over 100 YouTube videos and a mentorship program where I’ve been fortunate enough to provide guidance to hundreds of premedical and medical students. I have also sat on my school’s admissions committee for the past two years and have been responsible for identifying some of the most promising students in the country.

Course Curriculum 📖

This course is designed more like a challenge. A new video will be released every day (don't worry, we'll remind you), along with a homework assignment. The time required to complete the video and the homework assignment is estimated to be ~15-30 minutes per day.

The challenge is keeping your streak and completing the challenge in 30 days.

Are you up for it? 😎


This is the most efficient and effective way to become the student you’re meant to be.


Did Someone Say Free Bonuses?! 🎁

You won’t only receive 30 videos. True growth requires more than just knowledge! We need a place where we can apply what we’re learning and a community to support us along the way.

So I threw in a few extras 😉


Starting with my Evolving Notion workspace

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This is my Notion template designed specifically for this course and the exact workspace that I use every day!

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We've partnered with multiple educational companies to provide you with their resources for a fraction of the cost!

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Join a community of other ambitious students who will serve to inspire, encourage, and support your personal journey. The network and relationships formed in this community will have one of the greatest impacts on your personal and professional growth.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Money-Back Promise 🤝

I want this investment to be an absolute no-brainer and for you to feel like this 30-day challenge is one of the most valuable things you've done in your life... as long as you do the work 😉.

"Doing the work" simply means watching the videos and completing the homework assignments. If you've done that and still aren't completely happy with your experience, just send us an email and we'll happily refund your entire payment.

However, please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you've completed the entire course and include your reason for the cancellation in the email.


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