Welcome To The Ortho Plug

Who We Are?

We are a resident and medical student led organization whose members identify as underrepresented minorities in medicine. As medical students in 2021, JR Smith (left), Isaiah Selkridge (middle), and Henson Destiné (right) started The Ortho Plug with the goal of creating a strong sense of community among minorities pursuing careers in orthopaedic surgery. We support this community by providing various avenues of content designed to educate, uplift, and inspire our members.

Why This Is Important?

The field of orthopaedic surgery is among the least diverse in medicine. This has created a dangerous barrier for both underrepresented patients experiencing musculoskeletal pathology, and for students considering a career in orthopaedics.

By inspiring a generation of minority students to pursue orthopaedic surgery, and then equipping them with the knowledge, network and skills needed to succeed, we will help cultivate a field that is representative of the patients it serves.

Join Our Community

We offer a community of aspiring and practicing orthopaedic surgeons from underrepresented backgrounds. You will find support, inspiration, and mentorship within this community. You will quickly realize how valuable a strong network and support system is on your journey to becoming a phenomenal orthopaedic surgeon.

Where You Can Find Us


Listen to inspiring guests share captivating stories of how they got to where they are wisdom for us to do the same.


Watch incredible educators teach you everything from reading x-rays to different paths in orthopaedics.


Stay up to date with events, news, and research related to diversity efforts within orthopaedics. 

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